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Farrukh Nagar is a small town in the Delhi NCR region which falls in the state of Haryana, District Gurgaon situated about 20 KM in Gurgaon, named after the Mughal ruler Farrukh Siyer. The town was founded by commander Dalel Khan who later changed his name to Mohammad Faujdar Khan, near erstwhile town Khurampur and named it Farrukhnagar. In 1734 AD Faujdar became Nawab of Farrukhnagar by blessing from the Mugal Bhadshah. The town was made in the times of Shershah Suri. The town boasts of Sheesh Mahal, Jama Masjid, Mitrsen ki Bawdi, Sethani ki Hawli and Chattri. In the various direction of the town have five big enternace gate call Gangi Dawaraje out of which Dili Darwaja is still there.

In year 1757 king of Bharatpur attacked and owns this town. The king of Bharatpur ruled this town for seven years later Chief Minister of Mugal empire Gajiuddin got it back to Nawab. Nawab participated in 1857 revolt and because of this town was merge into Gurgaon. Before the revolt the town was with Ahmad Ali Khan who was from the family of Faujdar Khan. Later on was passed on to the Captain Tafjalus Hussain Khan Khor Khai. His son Mahmbat Sharauddin Haider Khan later on became the jaggirdar. That time town used to produce laksh ton of salt. The Govt. used to get 13 lakhs ruppes as income from here. Because of large scale of salt production town was linked to railway station.